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  • Gravity: 1.25 x Earth
  • Diameter: 1.1 x Earth
  • Atmosphere: Oxygen-rich, 2.5 times denser than Earth.
  • Day Length: 31 hours
  • Moons: 2 moons size of Ceres.
  • Binary: Yes. Mor’ite orbits a hot brown dwarf.
  • Environment: Large continents framing large, deep oceans. Mor’ite has a modest tropical zone that eases to seasonal polar caps.
  • Orbit: Nearly circular.
  • Tilt: Moderate. Seasons are mild.
  • Sun: Binary white dwarf. Its partner is the brown dwarf that Mor’ite orbits.


Mor’ite is an ancient world in a system lit by a white dwarf. It is kept warm by the hot brown dwarf it closely orbits. Its forests are largely fungal-based. The brightest part of its day is closer to Terra’s golden hour. Its system contains some of the richest asteroid mines in the Cooperative.

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