My Universe

A Compendium

Welcome to the compendium of my universe.
Here I will expound on the various details of my reality.
Much much more is on the way. Enjoy the read.

The Cooperative

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Cooperative Species

There are over a thousand societies in the Cooperative. Here I will detail a few of the key species that feature in my stories.

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Cooperative Worlds

There are more worlds than societies in my Cooperative. They share many similarities, thanks to a connected past. But they all have unique properties too.

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The Crow Series

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Covers Crow 2 The Deviant Ebook 854x534 1 1
Covers Crow 3 The Outcast Ebook 854x534 1
Crow 4 The Fulcrum eBook 02 854x534 1
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Crow Novels

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