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Step into my universe, if you dare…

Welcome to my collection of published and in-progress novels.
Here you will find sample chapters from each of them.
Enjoy the read. There’s many more where they came from.

Published Novels

Crow: The Awakening

All Steven Crow wanted was to find his parents. Instead, he found his nightmares coming to life, and an imaginary, furry Elf girl who may be more real than he thought.

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Crow: The Deviant

There was only one monster Steven Crow had nightmares about now. Himself. And those nightmares threaten his new reality, and the lives of everyone he loves.

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Crow: The Outcast

Steven Crow is not the raging monster the universe thinks he is. He has not contaminated his wife with a demon child destined to bring about the end of their civilization.

Or has he?

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Crow: The Fulcrum

Steven Crow. He entered hell to save the love of his life. He endured the hatred of a thousand worlds to prove her innocence. But can he save her from an evil goddess intent on rewriting reality?

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In Progress Novels

Crow: The Destroyer

Steven Crow has lost everything. Those he loves have suffered immeasurably. And he is faced with an impossible decision, with all choices leading to certain catastrophe. Is there hope in the darkness?

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Gate: The Conduit

It was supposed to be a routine babysitting job, overseeing a pair of convicts while they ply their talents for the NSA. Yet, none of his CIA training could have prepared Andrew Lee for the world that was destined to land in his lap.

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Damaged: Enemy Me

He is of the post-Order generation. He was trained to hunt and kill aliens from his toddler days. His life revolves around the Mission. But, he has a terminal flaw, and only those he hates can fix him.

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