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  • Gravity: 1.05 x Earth
  • Diameter: 1.03 x Earth
  • Atmosphere: Oxygen-rich, 2 times denser than Earth.
  • Day Length: 26 hours
  • Moons: 6. One is similar to our Moon, the rest like Ceres.
  • Binary: No
  • Environment: Diverse landmasses and deep oceans. Elmyph has a large tropical zone that eases to small, polar caps.
  • Orbit: Moderately oval.
  • Tilt: Mild. Seasons tend to be mild and stable.
  • Sun: Binary yellow dwarf similar to the sun of the Earth. The sister sun is distant.


Elmyph is commonly called the Elder’s Planet since he is one of the few that are able to travel to it. It is remote, and space in that part of space is smooth – access to the Fracture is impossible to all but those who create their own. The system resides on the inner side of the galactic Goldilocks zone, close enough to the galactic core that starlight actually casts shadows. The part of the planet most used in my stories is a tropical lagoon. There are also vast plains that have been populated with Rodan, the food-stock of Keratians. The Elder is a Keratian, as are two exiles there, and a visitor allowed there by Steven Crow.

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