Colorful Selkie


Morphology: Humanoid. Their median height is approximately six feet tall. Skin covered with colorful patterns reminiscent of tropical reef fish. Longer fingers and toes than Terrans, and webbed for swimming. Sturdy teeth that look like human, but are capable of crushing crustacean shells. Capable of Terran infiltration with a cover story for their skin coloration.

Notes: Indigenous to Endard, Selkies are lithe humanoid creatures. They prefer coastal regions along oceans, rivers, and lakes. They are powerful swimmers and can remain underwater indefinitely, thanks to skin that can absorb oxygen. Their skin coloring are a warning to predators that their flesh and blood are toxic. The neurotoxin can kill large predators in minutes. They are omnivores, with a strong preference to fish and crabs. They are decent climbers and form cities in trees that are similar to Terran mangroves. Selkies can broadcast thoughts and experiences, something that is useful for them underwater, and has become useful to the larger Cooperative society as broadcasters of significant events that other species can watch and experience. If a Selkie is extremely distraught, their cries combine strongly with their broadcast emotions that can adversely affect other species nearby. On the flip side, people find themselves happier when around them because of their general broadcasting of effervescence. Their society is tightly knit, with a loose hierarchy of elders serving to give direction and provide wisdom.


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