Diminutive Faerie


Morphology: Humanoid. Their median height is generally between 50 and 55 inches. There are two castes of Faeries – the Originals and the Progeny. The Originals have no idea how old they are and predate the 100,000-year-old Cooperative. The Progeny are their offspring. To the untrained eye, they appear to be young, barely adolescent children. Their diet is primarily fish and they have shark-like teeth. Their freckles are able to glow brightly. They are able to control electricity. And they defy gravity, able to fly and to control the gravitic attraction of items they touch. These features are useful when they hunt, attracting fish to the surface with their glow, shocking these fish to death, and carrying very heavy fish back to shore. Capable of Terran infiltration with a cover story of being a child.

Notes: Indigenous to Senin, Faeries are small humanoid creatures. Their home-world was the core of the Cooperative before a deviant Gatekeeper had a capacitive incident that rendered Senin into a ball of magma. Senin was kept molten by temporal eruptions that made the space around it dangerous to inhabit. Because of that, they parked their floating cities in a distant orbit and became vagrants in the Cooperative. During the War, they worked closely with Keratians in the front lines against the golems of the Sadari. Keratians were strong enough to overpower the golems, and Faeries were able to fry them with massive bolts of lightning. They are generally effervescent, even in the toughest of times, and mischievous.

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