Furry Elves


Morphology: Humanoid. Their median height is approximately six feet tall. Short fur similar to that of savanna felines such as lions and cheetahs. Longer fingers and toes than Terrans, but not noticeable unless one is looking for it. Large eyes with large iris, an inheritance from the night-time predator days that Elves evolved from. Modest canines. Capable of Terran infiltration with minor modifications that include shaving fur and covering eyes with sunglasses, and not smiling too broadly.

Notes: Indigenous to Syagria, Elves are lithe humanoid creatures. There are Elvish subspecies, some that prefer the forest and others coastal regions and still others the plains. All are climbers, and all evolved from predators that resided in tree oases on open savannas. They are deeply connected to their environment and are also powerful empaths able to read and influence animals around them and to a degree sentient beings. The males have a stronger connection to the fauna around them, while the females have a stronger connection to the flora. When bonded, they share their strengths with each other. They can see into the UV – an ability insects on Earth already have for instance – which allows them to see patterns that would otherwise be invisible in the human visible spectrum. They are omnivores. They are able to form mental bonds with their peers, with core bonds with their life-mates, allowing them to share life experiences and communication. Their society is tightly knit, with a loose hierarchy of elders serving to give direction and provide wisdom.

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