Nistar, my Big Feet


Morphology: Humanoid. Their median height is approximately similar to the average Terran. They are covered by woolly, light brown fur and look similar to the fictional depictions of Sasquatch. However, only a handful of people, Terran or otherwise, are able to actually detect their presence. They have a powerful, natural cloaking ability. The images drawn or faked are not from actual witnesses, but from people who are trying to rectify a subconscious awareness of them.

Notes: Big Feet is a term Steven Crow came up with, seeing as there were more than one of them and Big Foots just didn’t sound right to him. The Nistar have a communal consciousness. Not quite a single entity, but often acting that way. Several will speak on the same sentence and idea. They are the formerly extinct inhabitants of Rholling, a world blasted to sterility by the golems of the Sadari. Instead of extinction, they had been surreptitiously transported to Terra and have been camping out here as refugees while they wait to return to their own world. To bide their time, they explored society, often riding in passenger planes, trains, and automobiles, observing humanity and developments. They also can detect when a deviant Gatekeeper is being fed, which made it hard for the Sadari to experiment on deviant Gatekeepers.

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