Camdyn, my Wolfman


Morphology: Humanoid. Their median height is typically a bit over seven feet tall, but they tend to slouch a bit. They are massively built creatures and are considered an apex predator on their homeworld. Their skin is dark, as is their dense covering of short to medium-length fur. Their teeth are geared towards a carnivore diet, and their hands and feet are clawed. Part of their hunting tactic is to affect the dopamine levels on fleeing prey. This works less on prey that transition from fear to anger, however. If shaved, they pass for Terran provided they keep their mouths shut and claws out of sight, but they are on the very fringe of infiltration capable species and often just remain out of sight where possible.

Notes: Indigenous to Niqua. While they are capable of any number of tasks, I mostly focus on those within the Chaser Guild who function as Herders. They set up their prey for the final kill-shot from one of the Gatekeepers of the Chaser team or the Keratian. The Camdyn are obsessive over the maintenance of their firearms and are often put in charge of the armory as a whole. But, they are suckers for compliments and love to cook. While they seem gruff and rough around the edges, they are actually quite tender and thoughtful.

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