Endard’s Sister


  • Gravity: 0.95 x Earth
  • Diameter: 1 x Earth
  • Atmosphere: Oxygen-rich, 0.80 times denser than Earth.
  • Day Length: 20 hours
  • Moons: 5 small asteroid moons. Several rings, similar to Saturn.
  • Binary: Yes. Endard is her sister.
  • Environment: A world similar to Venus. Planet Builders are working to make Telestra habitable.
  • Orbit: Mildly circular.
  • Tilt: Moderate..
  • Sun: Solitary yellow dwarf a little larger and brighter than the Sun of the Earth.


Telestra has all the ingredients to become a habitable world. Except there is a runaway greenhouse effect that is keeping it unlivable. The Trolls are working to solve that problem, however, and give the Selkies a second world.

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