Exile of the Deviants


  • Gravity: 1 x Earth
  • Diameter: 1.05 x Earth
  • Atmosphere: Oxygen-rich, 0.80 times denser than Earth.
  • Day Length: Solar day is 20 hours, but there is rarely an actual night.
  • Moons: 2 moon size of Ceres.
  • Binary: No.
  • Environment: Small continents framing large, deep oceans. Trelos has an extended, tropical zone that eases to small, seasonal polar caps.
  • Orbit: Mildly circular.
  • Tilt: Moderate. Seasons are definite.
  • Sun: Yellow dwarf, a little brighter than Earth’s Sun.


Trelos is used as its exile colony due to its proximity to a stellar anomaly called the Maelstrom. It is a normal, semi-tropical world in many ways, but is considered expendable. Because of the expanse of the brilliantly glowing Maelstrom, there is rarely a true night. The Gatekeeper mothers and their deviant Gapekeeper children find the Maelstrom irresistible, and most enter the anomaly never to be seen again. This saves the Chasers the trouble of tracking and exterminating the deviant child.

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