Keratian, My Vampire


Morphology: Humanoid. Their median height is approximately slightly taller than the average Terran. Their evolution, affected by high gravity, occasional radiation bursts from their red dwarf star, and an insidious predator of their food sources, has resulted in heightened abilities, such as speed, armor-like skin, and raw strength. Their blood-diet is based on a symbiotic relationship with their herd, which they protect from the apex predator of their world. Contrary to fearsome myths that were inspired by them, they find any other blood repugnant, and they are not thirst-crazed monsters. Their skin does not transmit heat, and their bodies do not produce excess heat. Their blood is titanium oxide-based, giving them a brilliantly white complexion. To help protect them, they are able to generate a second skin, which to Terrans appears like a robe that forms from a mist around them, and likewise returns to a mist when they withdraw the second skin. Their hair follicles are transparent, resulting in glistening, white hair. They are able to infiltrate Terran society with some modifications. Their skin needs blush painted on, they need to hide their canines, and they need tie up their long hair, perhaps even cover with a hat. A change in wardrobe goes without saying.

Notes: Indigenous to Toros. Keratians are the protectors of the Cooperative. They are often front-line security for first contact situations, able to resist what they call “bad decisions” of those they contact. And they are able to go toe-to-toe with the Cooperative’s primary adversary, the Sadari golems. While other species are as well, like the Trolls, the Keratians have a well-evolved protector instinct that makes them ideal as defenders. They are as brilliant as any other Cooperative species as well. And they are extremely long-lived, some living for over ten thousand years.

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