Another science fiction idea becoming reality. Rapid facial recognition is verging on becoming mainstream with the boost that Ticketmaster will give the technology. Ticketmaster has invested in Blink Identity which produces advanced technology for real-time digital facial recognition. Blink’s technology will allow ticket-holders to walk into a venue at a normal pace and be authorized on the go, rather than having to stand in a que to have their tickets scanned.

The implications are wide open. This will be a massive real-world deployment of a developing technology that will in turn be picked up by other enterprises, not to mention a boost to competitors working on similar. Facial recognition is here to stay. Eventually governments will openly utilize this technology, though many could and probably are using variants of it in the dark corners of their intelligence infrastructure.

As this science fiction idea coalesces into reality, hopefully it provides more inspiration for future science fiction writers. Being able to walk into a venue and be automatically recognized and authorized by a system is just the beginning. This technology can split in two different directions at least. One is more Orelian – a system used by the government to track its citizens where ever there are cameras. The other is more Utopian – a home that recognizes you and adjusts to your preferences and sensed needs. Perhaps you can come up with a third direction?

Sources: EndgadgetGizmodo, Pollstar

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