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Here’s a little something I did for grins and giggles. I wanted to explore how Asherah the Elf would react when she discovered the selfie capabilities on Steven’s cell phone. For her, it is quaint, crude technology, but enormously entertaining. This would have taken place in or around Book 2 of my Crow series. If you like this, please check out my first novel in the Crow series – Crow: The Awakening (Crow Series, Book 1) –

Steven flinched at the scream. He looked around, annoyed. He knew right away it wasn’t a scream of terror, but of delight. “Asherah? Put that down.”

“No! Look!” Asherah held up Steven’s old cell phone.

“That’s called a selfie.” Steven rolled his eyes and returned to his search. “My parents are not going to find themselves.”

“I’m waiting.” Asherah pouted, pointing to the computer data that hung in the air around them. “It’s still processing.” She looked at the phone and grinned. “Selfie.”

“Yeah. It’s all the rage,” Steven said sarcastically. He rubbed his temples. “Their network is impossible!”

“It’s Sadari. What did you expect?” Sirel said as she floated by, moving pine branches out of the way as she settled down next to Steven. “I have another thread for you to follow.”

Steven sighed and moved the data with his hand so it hung in front of him. He scowled as he leaned back against the tree trunk. “I already searched there.”

“Not…that segment.” Sirel pointed. The Faerie looked sideways at Asherah who was giggling at the cell phone.

“She discovered the selfie.”

“The what?” Sirel cocked her head.

Asherah held up the cell phone. It now displayed a funny picture of her crossing her eyes. “Selfie! I like that word.”

“Over a hundred thousand year old society with…” Steven waved his hands at the computer interface that hung in the air around them. “…and she’s obsessed with my backwards old cell phone?”

“These are neat!” Asherah protested. “And funny.” She held the device out to Steven, and mimicked the face she had made in it.

Steven pursed his lips, trying hard to repress a grin. “It’s like drawings on a cave wall compared to what we have now.” He looked up at the data. “I was going to throw it out.”

“No! I want it. This is fun.” Asherah held the phone to her chest defensively.

“And annoying,” Steven said.

“We need a…selfie. You don’t have any at all.” Asherah poked at the phone, then laughed when it took an accidental selfie, and then another. “Look! It keeps taking images.”

“Move your finger.” Steven glanced at her. “I know what I look like, Asherah. Plus I see myself through your eyes all the time.”

“Not now.” Asherah closed her eyes tightly.

Steven shook his head, “Just don’t…it can still get on the Sadari network. Be careful.”

“Promise.” Asherah grinned and bounced on the branch. She held the phone out and made another face.

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