Book 5: Crow – The Destroyer

Chapter 1: Crow ~ The Destroyer

Chapter 1 “He speaks a Terran language called English!” Asherah said conspiratorially as she looked around, making sure no one else was listening. The meadow was empty, however. Aside from any imaginary friends she may have dreamt up. She scratched at her fur as she...

Chapter 2: Crow ~ The Destroyer

Chapter 2 Jorgis hefted his heavy backpack as he walked casually across the stony plain under the pyramids. A massive Cooperative destroyer hovering overhead kept the crowds of tourists subdued and the popular destination was nearly devoid of visitors. Every once and...

Chapter 3: Crow ~ The Destroyer

Chapter 3 “They’re not attacking,” Jacob said, looking up nervously at the alien behemoth hovering not far from their new base. “Just floating there.” Laurence followed his gaze. “At the moment, we’re not a threat.” He sighed as he looked around at the scattering of...

Chapter 4: Crow ~ The Destroyer

Chapter 4 “This isn’t what we discussed.” Shawn waved his hands at the massive alien destroyer that hung in the air in the distance. “We were supposed to take over this part of the job.” Aradia followed his gaze. “Contingencies required us to have a more exhaustive...
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Forces are at work that are beyond anything Steven Crow could have imagined. He just wanted to find his birth-parents and make his family whole. He got a LOT more than expected.

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