Book 1: Crow ~ The Awakening

Chapter 1: Crow ~ The Awakening

Chapter 1 "Mom! Dad! You're alive!" Steven stood frozen in shock in the middle of the moonlit meadow as his startled parents half turned, looking over their shoulders at him with wide eyes. Their appearance was not what he expected, though he couldn't quite put his...

Chapter 2: Crow ~ The Awakening

Chapter 2 The harvest was starting to dwindle. The end of the season was seeing flowers starting to thin out, which meant less honey. It hadn't started getting severely cold yet, but the nights were chilly. Of course, in the hill country at this time of year, snow was...

Chapter 3: Crow ~ The Awakening

Chapter 3 The market was held on city property near the quaint courthouse every weekend all year round. It was a combination crafts market and farmer's market, and was frequented by art and food connoisseurs as well as professionals. Steven stepped out of the truck...

Chapter 4: Crow ~ The Awakening

Chapter 4 “Hold up there, Steven. Sheesh, what’s your hurry?” Jonah slammed shut the tailgate on the bed of the truck. “No hurry. Just, you know. Want to go play.” Steven fixed a teetering stack of empty honey crates.  “You going to extract that?” Jonah pointed at the...
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Forces are at work that are beyond anything Steven Crow could have imagined. He just wanted to find his birth-parents and make his family whole. He got a LOT more than expected.

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