Book 1: Gate ~ The Conduit

Chapter 1: Gate ~ The Conduit

Gate: The Conduit Chapter 1She thought she’d be safe in the dark alley. It was secluded and should have been quiet that night back by the dumpsters. But even though it was away from the hustle of daily life, it was still not quiet enough. The cacophony of Terran life...

Chapter 2: Gate ~ The Conduit

Gate: The Conduit Chapter 2“You’re going back in too soon! The Conduit is getting feedback.” Karan’za ignored the warning and lay down on the mat. She looked up at the living ceiling and took in a deep breath. As she mentally prepared to enter the mind of an unwitting...

Chapter 3: Gate ~ The Conduit

Gate: The Conduit Chapter 3Bill looked at his security monitors one last time before laying back in bed. Not a blip. But then, there never has been a blip. Sighing, he looked with envy at his wife who was gently snoring next to him. She was a master infiltrator...

Chapter 4: Gate ~ The Conduit

Gate: The Conduit Chapter 4Jacob sipped his tea as he looked intently at the man he was interrogating. He smiled kindly when the man glanced at him from his kitchen. He had no idea he was being interrogated. He returned with his coffee and sat down on his sofa and...

Chapter 5: Gate ~ The Conduit

Gate: The Conduit Chapter 5“You are showing me that on purpose.” The Librarian glanced at the golem briefly, then continued his work as he parsed the constant stream of data that was being extracted from it. “You’re hoping to fine-tune your extraction by using...

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Forces are at work that are beyond anything Steven Crow could have imagined. He just wanted to find his birth-parents and make his family whole. He got a LOT more than expected.

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