The Awakening

Crow Series, Book 1

An epic science fantasy novel.

The Book…

Crow: The Awakening

“The Matrix meets Avatar with a bit of Jason Bourne for flavor.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

He is desperate to find his missing parents. Instead, he finds his life in peril and his grip on reality hanging by a thread.

Young Steven Crow is tormented by nightmares about his parents abandoning him and monsters he is completely helpless against. Drowning in these nightmares amplifies his irresistible obsession to locate and rescue his parents.

His digital search takes place in secret. With the comforting companionship of an imaginary muse, he hacks into secure servers of the most formidable organizations in the world. One day, he uncovers shocking evidence that changes everything for him.

But his search has not gone without notice. Now he is on the run while facing a new brutal reality, hunted both by relentless real-life adversaries and the terrifying monsters from his dreams.

He struggles against impossible odds, and his imaginary Elf girlfriend refuses to fade away in the face of stark reality. But when he is chased by a horde of psychotic secret agents and fantastical creatures, and is shadowed by an Elf girl he dreamed up years ago, reality may be more elusive than he realizes.

“Many times, I found myself on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the next twist or turn in the plot.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

Genre: Science Fantasy
Print Length: 752 Pages
Available Formats: EBook
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The Reviews…

Michael takes us on a journey through the eyes of a young boy into a world of suspense, action, and adventure. I was captured at page one with a story that leads us down the rabbit hole, constantly trying to separate dreams from reality. As a reader of suspense and science fiction, I find most stories follow predictable paths. Crow- The Awakening does not fit that mold. I was stumped as to the roll of each character until the very end by the clever concealment of their actual purpose. I especially enjoyed how our hero grows from innocence to strength when pushed to his limits. Love, laughter, suspense, and pain…it’s all in there. Be ready for a long night because once your hooked, you won’t put it down.

The Matrix meets Avatar with a bit of Jason Bourne for flavor. Michael has a winner and definitely a new fan. Looking forward to the release of the next book in the series and what could possibly be a big screen hit.


First, I would like to say that I am not a huge fan of science fiction and while I love to read, I usually start several books and read them in stages. Not this time!! I found myself not wanting to put the book down. The sign of a well written book is one that draws the reader into the story line while experiencing a connection with the characters. My range of emotions while reading Crow The Awakening included, but were not limited to jubilance, grief, indignation, and empathy. Many times, I found myself on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the next twist or turn in the plot. I highly recommend this book and look forward to future writings from Mr. Vanecek.


The Crow Series

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The Sample Chapters…

Chapter 1: Crow ~ The Awakening

Crow: The Awakening Chapter 1  "Mom! Dad! You're alive!" Steven stood frozen in shock in the middle of the moonlit meadow as his startled parents half turned, looking over their shoulders at him with wide eyes. Their appearance was not what he expected, though he...

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Chapter 2: Crow ~ The Awakening

Crow: The Awakening Chapter 2  The harvest was starting to dwindle. The end of the season was seeing flowers starting to thin out, which meant less honey. It hadn't started getting severely cold yet, but the nights were chilly. Of course, in the hill country at...

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Chapter 3: Crow ~ The Awakening

Crow: The Awakening Chapter 3The market was held on city property near the quaint courthouse every weekend all year round. It was a combination crafts market and farmer's market, and was frequented by art and food connoisseurs as well as professionals. Steven stepped...

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Chapter 4: Crow ~ The Awakening

Crow: The Awakening Chapter 4“Hold up there, Steven. Sheesh, what’s your hurry?” Jonah slammed shut the tailgate on the bed of the truck. “No hurry. Just, you know. Want to go play.” Steven fixed a teetering stack of empty honey crates. “You going to extract that?”...

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Chapter 5: Crow ~ The Awakening

Crow: The Awakening Chapter 5As Steven trotted deeper into the forest, the diversity of trees narrowed to primarily tall pines. They towered overhead like immense spires that reached far into the heavens. He slowed down to soak in the ambiance. The energy of the...

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