The Outcast

Crow Series, Book 3

An epic science fantasy novel.

The Book…

Crow: The Outcast

She was his muse when he didn’t believe in her. She became his bride, bonded for life. Now, because of what he is, she is exiled, sentenced to inevitable oblivion. 

Steven Crow has finally accepted his new reality, and his new friends and family. He has embraced the love of his life as his new center. He finally has a path now. A purpose.

However, there are forces conspiring to expose his true nature and rip apart his future by any means possible. Thousands of worlds want him dead. An old adversary joins a new enemy to make that happen.

He’s on the run yet again. His purpose in life now has become trying to exonerate his wife, and staying alive long enough to do that. 

And yet, is there any truth in what he is accused of?

He has not contaminated his wife with a demon child destined to bring about the end of their civilization. 

Or has he?

Genre: Science Fantasy
Print Length: 1114 Pages
Available Formats: EBook
Available from:

The Crow Series

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The Sample Chapters…

Chapter 1: Crow ~ The Outcast

Crow: The Outcast Chapter 1“Steven! This is a dream!” Asherah screamed, ducking a flying chunk of floor. She beheld the ongoing destruction they were in the midst of with stunned bewilderment. The building they were in was being decimated at an alarming rate of...

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Chapter 2: Crow ~ The Outcast

Crow: The Outcast Chapter 2“I think she’s beginning to wig out,” Steven said quietly as Lorei made herself comfortable on the large boulder where they had been training. His aunt glanced at him, then looked at Moringa, confused. Moringa shrugged. “I know what it means...

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Chapter 3: Crow ~ The Outcast

Crow: The Outcast Chapter 3He had captured a golem three thousand years ago and encased it in a block of condensing rock vapor. Over the millennia he and a partner drilled its data banks trying to extract data on the enemy’s plans. It had been largely futile. Golems...

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Chapter 4: Crow ~ The Outcast

Crow: The Outcast Chapter 4The shockwave was hardly noticeable on the blustery winter evening. Keratian physiology actually dampened the shockwave significantly. No one was expecting anything to sneak in through the gate from Endard anyway. After all, it was the...

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Chapter 5: Crow ~ The Outcast

Crow: The Outcast Chapter 5“Can I help you?” Sally asked as a young woman fumbled for something in her pocket. “Hate these gloves. Here.” She held up a badge. “I’m Michelle Morales of the FBI. Is this the residence of,” she looked down at her notes. It wasn’t...

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