Crow: The Deviant

Crow Series, Book 2

An epic urban-fantasy novel.

The Book…

Crow: The Deviant

Just when you think you have life figured out, reality throws you a curveball. Yesterday, his greatest challenge was surviving a horde of violent secret agents hunting him, and suffering the intrusion of his nightmares into his everyday life. Today, he is faced with a raging monster within, a new nightmare that threatens the foundations of existence for everyone.

He is Steven Crow – surrounded by the aliens of his nightmares turned friends and family. Annoyed by more than one secret agency that wants a piece of him. Enduring the peculiar infatuation an evil queen has for him. And struggling against the wakening of a demon within himself.

Genre: Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy
Print Length: 965 Pages
Available Formats: EBook
Available from: Amazon

The Sample Chapters…

Chapter 1: Crow ~ The Deviant

Chapter 1 “Asherah, I broke it. I broke the Earth.” Steven fumbled with something as Asherah approached him from behind. He looked over his shoulder at her, his expression full of fear. “Help me, please! I can’t keep it together.” Something fell to the floor as...

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Chapter 2: Crow ~ The Deviant

Chapter 2 “Yeah, I caused the earthquake. But I didn’t do it on purpose!” Steven insisted, trying his best to convince the Elvin Gatekeeper that he wasn’t dangerous. The instant he said that he realized just how bad it sounded. He grimaced and looked down at his...

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Chapter 3: Crow ~ The Deviant

Chapter 3 The stench from open sewage was almost overwhelming. Steven repressed a gag as he tried to ignore it. The abrupt change of scenery was jarring, and it didn’t help that it impressed itself as potently on his sense of smell as it did visually. The refugee camp...

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Chapter 4: Crow ~ The Deviant

Chapter 4 “What do we have?” Jacob asked as he walked through the computer room and peeked over the shoulders of the analysts. With the confirmation of the alien intrusion, and the loss of the Order’s Seattle base because of them, his analysts had been working nonstop...

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Chapter 5: Crow ~ The Deviant

Chapter 5 “She wanted me to clean her teeth,” Steven said. He made a face and grimaced. “Elves help each other clean and groom,” Sirel said sourly as she worked. She tried not to sound impatient, but Steven’s chatter was distracting her for some reason. “Well, I know...

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