Legracia – Home of the Humans

  • Gravity: 1.05 x Earth
  • Diameter: 1 x Earth
  • Atmosphere: Oxygen-rich, 1.5 times denser than Earth.
  • Day Length: 28 hours
  • Moons: 1.
  • Binary: No.
  • Environment: Large continents framing large, deep oceans. Legracia has a modest tropical zone that eases to permanent polar caps.
  • Orbit: Nearly circular.
  • Tilt: Moderate. Seasons are marked and definite.
  • Sun: Binary yellow dwarf a little larger than the Sun of the Earth.


Legracia is one of the Founding Worlds, or Core Worlds of the Cooperative. It also frequently hosts Council gatherings to vote on Cooperative issues. It is very similar to Terra, but much wilder with more unmolested forests.

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